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Dear patients,  welcome to our website!

From 04.01.2016 on  you can find us in the Färberstr. 2, right in the heart of beautiful downtown Nuremberg.

Whether you want to ask questions or undertake precautionary prevention, would like advice on family planning or problems in menopause, we are there for you.

We also accompany you at every step of your pregnancy. We are there for you if you want only a vaccination or advice.But we will of course be available also for complicated cases or emergencies.

Women of all ages will find competent, individual health care based on the latest scientific findings. Starting with the screening and counseling in adolescence we are there for all gynecological issues and concerns for you.

Our new office is equipped with  high technical standards, both ultrasonic devices and CTG, and the gynecological chairs and practice software are up to date. Regular training we see as our duty.

In our practice, you will find a warm and friendly atmosphere. We want you to feel comfortable with us. 

Aktuelle Situation mit der Corona-Pandemie

Liebe Patientinnen und Patienten,

aufgrund der aktuellen Situation mit der Corona-Pandemie, möchten wir Sie bitten, ohne Begleitung, also leider auch ohne Kinder und Partner/Ehemänner - natürlich sind davon Babys ausgenommen - zu einem Termin zu kommen, auch wenn Sie schwanger sind.

Begleitpersonen müssen sich außerhalb des Gebäudes aufhalten.

Frauenarztpraxis Dr. med. Neslisah Yilmaz-Terzioglu