Prenatal diagnosis

In our practice, we offer the full range of prenatal (before birth) diagnosis. With the help of all the studies, which are grouped under prenatal diagnosis, we want to exclude or detect faults in the development of your unborn baby  as soon as possible 


  • First trimester screening (nuchal translucency (NT) - measurement with individual risk assessment for DOWN Syndrome - detection rate at about 85-90%), certified according to the requirements of FMF England or Germany [ "IHS ]
  • Differentiated organ diagnosis (advanced ultrasound 18-22 SSW exclusion childish malformations)
  • Fetal echocardiography (cardiac diagnostics)
  • Doppler sonography (blood flow measurement in the infantile and maternal vessels to exclude a child's lack of supply)
  • Non invasive prenatal tests (NiPt) - A method of prenatal diagnosis, are detected in the chromosomal variations of the child from the mother's blood. The aim is to avoid invasive methods such as amniocentesis, because this one, albeit low (0.1-0.3%), risk cause a miscarriage. ( "IHS )
  • Invasive Diagnosis: amniocentesis 
  • 3D / 4D Ultrasound "IHS )
  • interdisciplinary consulting opportunities in abnormal test results (maternal and/or fetal)

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You also have the possibility to contact professional counseling services for a non-medical, psycho-social care before letting carry out any prenatal diagnosis. Specially trained consultants guide you in decisions before a prenatal diagnosis, while waiting for the result or in conflicting situations.

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