IHS - Individual Health Services


IHS stands for Individual Health Services. The catalog of IHS includes Preventive health services, sports and travel medicine and "comfort" - desired benefits. Some former IHS has now also included in the catalog of statutory health care (eg acupuncture and certain services of Environmental Medicine).

In gynecology:

  1. Ultrasound examination of the uterus and ovaries: early detection of cysts, tumors, fibroids and abnormal changes of the mucosa
  2. Ultrasound examination of the breasts: important for women with dense breast tissue, as radiation-free alternative to mammography in younger patients and as a complement of palpation and mammography in the context of cancer screening.
  3. Immunological stool test: detection rate is 86-90%; easy to use, no prior diet required.
  4. Thin-Prep Cytology: here clearly more precursors of malignant changes and cells of cervical cancer are detected as with the conventional PAP Smear.
  5. HPV DNA test: direct detection of cancer-causing HPV virus in the cervix
  6. Bladder-check test: early diagnosis of bladder cancer possible
  7. Vaccination for the prevention of frequent vaginal or bladder infections

In obstetrics:

  1. Nuchal translucency measurement: individual risk assessment for Down syndrome (12th-14th week of pregnancy.)
  2. NIPT- non invasive prenatal testing- chromosomes deviations of the child are detected from maternal blood
  3. Toxoplasmosis Test: Verification of the immune status - a first infection during pregnancy can lead to damage of the child's brain
  4. Strep test (36 weeks): In order to exclude a risk of infection during birth
  5. Additional ultrasound examinations during pregnancy are possible at any time.