Although boys and girls now have full access to information about sexuality and contraception, many young people are very insecure when it comes to their own feelings and experiences. You want to know if what you are observing, is correct and if everything is normal, what you feel? You want reliable advice and professionalism. The confidentiality of doctors gives you security to feel comfortable sharing personal concerns and experiences.

Fearing and dread of the first gynecological examination, many girls do not dare to go to a gynecologist.  At first time only a consultation (a meeting) will be arranged, so that you can meet the physician, discuss and can see 'where the shoe pinches.' A pelvic examination is only necessary at the first visit, when complaints must be investigated, or it is carried out if the girl wants it on her own.

Many girls are in fact very proud when they 'survived' the first gynecological examination, and all are quite surprised that it 'is not bad at all' a bit 'strange' but.