Vaccination is one of the most effective and important preventive measure in the field of medicine. Modern vaccines are well tolerated; permanent unwanted serious drug reactions are observed only in very rare cases. The immediate goal of vaccination is to protect the vaccinated against a disease.

To provide adequate immunization of our patients, is one of our important tasks. After the primary vaccination in infants and young children is a lifetime necessity to apply a booster dose and maintain an immunation against infectious diseases.

Your doctor visits with us should also be used to check the "Impfdokumentation" (your vaccination document/card) and in the given case to complete your vaccination.

Please remember that any time - Add your vaccination card also at your booking- and can check on "vaccination gaps".

HPV vaccination

More than 6,000 women diagnosed in Germany each year with cervical cancer. In Europe, this is the second most common cancer-related cause of death in young women aged 15 to 44 years of age. Cervical cancer is caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Because of HPV-related genital warts more than 55,000 patients also should see their doctor every year. Thousands of good reasons to think about preventive measures against the human papillomavirus.

For several years, there is the opportunity to be vaccinated against HPV for young women. 50 million HPV vaccination worldwide have already been made. The Standing Committee on Vaccination at the Robert Koch Institute (STIKO) has issued this vaccination in the immunization schedule  and has made a recommendation for vaccination for all 12- to 17-year-old girl HPV. Thus, the health insurance companies cover the cost of HPV vaccination for girls in this age group up to 18 years. But older women may benefit from HPV vaccination, either.

Use our knowledge about HPV, and talk to us about an HPV vaccine. We will advise you individually.

The following medical societies speak for a positive recommendation for the HPV vaccine:

  • Standing Committee on Vaccination at the Robert Koch Institute (STIKO)
  • Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (BVF)
  • German Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (DGGG)
  • HPV Management Forum of the Paul Ehrlich Society
  • German STD Society (DSTDG)